Bullet Instrument Cable

The Bullet Instrument Cable grabs the attention with innovative designs such as a cable that has a pistol; or, what about a pair of dice on the ends? The Bullet Cable Instrument designs are more than their connections. Engineered first to be directional, with separate signal and return conductors, we include oxygen free copper and dual-shielding to make this cable more than just about cool design.

So why do all that for a $25 cable? We wanted these designs to be accessible to all musicians and at the same time to keep our commitment to quality by offering only the “Best-In-Class” cables.

Making music is a lifestyle and it should be fun. Our cables fit right in with any musician’s style even more. How great is it? Pistol, dice, skulls, crosses, naughty nurse syringes, grenades and even W.W.J.D Fish are “Expert Sounding Cables Disguised as Cool Stuff.”

You can hear samples of all of our products, including The Bullet Instrument Cable by visiting our Sound Library.

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