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Hanno Klänhardt Wired With SLUG For GUITAR MAGAZINE Germany

Hanno Klänhardt front man of the band SIXXTEN set up his new awesome pedalboard for Guitar Magazine Germany. Because the whole article is in German we are going to let the pictures tell the story. Hanno did say that the Bullet Cable SLUG DIY was the easiest, fastest wiring he has ever made on a board. “It was very fun to use the SLUGS and all the connections where secure and sounded excellent.”



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Bullet Cable Musicians Gear Pics From 2012


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The 2012 Finale:Pedal Board Clinic- Saturday, December 8 @ The Amp Shop


The very last Bullet Cable Pedal Board Clinic of 2012 is scheduled to be held on Saturday, December 8, at the Amp Shop in Sherman Oaks, CA at 4PM.
Ted McCann, Bullet Cable’s designer, will walk you through pedal know hows that include:

  • How to set up your pedal board like a pro
  • Pedal arrangement for proper tone order and power
  • Wiring techniques for better pedal placement

And to share some information about loopers, One Control has been asked to be a special guest.

This is a hands on demo that includes audience Q & A, so BE SURE TO BRING YOUR BOARD! What makes these clinics informative and so much fun are that we share what we have learned working with artists and their techs. This clinic is for those just getting started to the seasoned pro.

Host: The Amp Shop and Bass Exchange
Where: 13701 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA
When: Saturday, Dec. 8th, 4pm
Space is limited get there early. Tel: Amp Shop Telephone: 818-386-5500

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a great day to show gratitude with family and friends from all of us at Bullet Cable enjoy.


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Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe (Rock Covers)

Carly Rae Jepsen (“Call Me Maybe”, Kiss) will be performing on David Letterman tomorrow night, October 25, 2012.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Bullet Coil  Mic Cable
Carly Rae Jepsen, Bullet Cable

Currently on tour with Justin Bieber, her hit song (written by Jepsen and Tavish Crowe) “Call Me Maybe” is an upbeat teen pop track that draws influences from dance-pop and disco, but it seems to have the hook that makes even rockers want to share their rendition. On YouTube, the song has been covered over 155,000 times!

YouTube 331Erock

YouTube Vordrab

Have a cover of this song? Share it with us.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s official video:

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Paul Gilbert’s New Album: Vibrato

Paul Gilbert Letter

Recently received the new Vibrato CD from Paul Gilbert, which officially released October 15. He wrote to us to let us know that he recorded the whole album using his favorite cable!

About the title song:

“This is one of my favorite solos that I’ve ever played. I actually composed most of it by playing an electric kazoo into a overdriven Marshall amp, recording it and then figuring out how to do it on the guitar.”

The song has a funk beat and is blues driven, but in classic Paul style, there is that crunchy wheeeeeeeeeeeee guitar super play lick embedded in it, like Paul’s saying, “…yeah, I love music, and this is what it means to me!”

Some really good reviews about the album. Music Radar actually did a song by song interview with the maestro. You can read the full story here: Paul Gilbert talks Vibrato track-by-track

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Mason Stoops Demo: Earthquaker Devices

As you know, L.A Amp Show took place recently, and included with the fact that Bullet Cable was the line between a lot of gear at the show, new to the Bullet Cable family, Earthquaker Devices, wired their booth with Slugs. Story of a harrowing encounter with a competitor product, in which limited time was challenged with super massively hard to make solderless connectors for their last convention show, sort of burnt this company out on the idea that something so simple could be, well…something so simple.

So: Now, reality has been restored for Earthquaker Devices. They got their booth done and “Solderless” is no longer just a concept.

Mason Stoops…you might remember him as one of the guest editors Premier Guitar this last Summer at NAMM which he shared title with photographer, Lindsey Hastings…was busy doing demos in the Earthquaker Devices booth. This guy rocks Bullet Cable and all the other cool gear that he uses to make music. We got the great video on the spot:

Mason Stoops, Guitarist
In Earthquaker Devices booth
L.A Amp Show

Here are some of the pics from the booth.

Mason Stoops Demos Earthquaker Devices Pedals At L.A Amp Show

Earthquaker Devices Pedal Setup with Slug Connectors

Visit Earthquaker Devices: Website

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Hand Crafted Satellite Amplifiers (The LA Amp Show Followup)

Been on the phone with Adam Grimm at Satellite Amplifiers sharing with him the cool images we got of his amps at the L.A Amp Show a few weeks back. Reminded me that I need to share the cool stuff coming out of their studio.
First of all, the guys at Satellite work their processes out by the old way of doing things: Make it hand-crafted, and maximize the “less is more” philosophy.

Hand wired work on Satellite Amplification head
Eric Bernstorff making hardwired mod

I have had an opportunity to try out their amps on a few occasions now, and I can’t say enough about the sweet sound that comes out of the guitar amps. It is straight up tone that is clean.
At the show, they released a new Bass head and cabinet and it was serious low down bliss shown in their booth.


So what did everyone else think? Well, Adam responded that they sold everything in the booth—The first day!

“We have been testing out the Bullet cables at our shop, both in our own production amplifiers as well as some select vintage ones. There is a noticeable difference in the tone we get out of using the Bullet cables over the other cables we have in the shop. We brought a couple of Bullet coily cables to the LA Amp show. They were the same ones we’ve been abusing around our shop for the past few months. Ted brought a few new ones for a customer of ours. We tried the brand new out of the package ones up against the ones we’ve been putting through the paces, and there was no noticeable sonic difference between them. Great stuff. ~ Adam Grimm

Visit Satellite Amplifier’s website

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Beyond The Bench – Google+ Hangout: Ted McCann/ Fat Tone Guitars


Fat Tone is hosting a Google+ event featuring ours truly, Ted McCann. He is going to go over pedal board setups and tricks of the trade (such as wiring performance boards with SLUG DIY Connectors and Bulk Cable).

Link: Beyond The Bench sponsored by Fat Tone Music Presents: On the Bench w /Ted McCann

Oct. 11 @ 11:00 am PT
Ted talks pedal board set ups and wiring w/ SLUG. Free!

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