Bullet Cable 30′ Straight Black Coil Cable

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Why choose Bullet Cable 30′ Straight Black Coil Cable?

When it comes to high-quality musical instrument equipment, Bullet Cable is a trusted brand among musicians and professionals. The Bullet Cable 30′ Straight Black Coil Cable is a perfect example of their commitment to durability, functionality, and style.

Made with 99.99% oxygen-free copper, this coil cable provides exceptional signal clarity that allows your sound to be heard with every note. The PVC jacket and high-quality insulation make it resistant to wear and tear, so it is ideal for both studio and live performances. The straight to straight connectors ensure a reliable and consistent sound, while the unique coil design allows for easy storage and transportation.

But that's not all, the Bullet Cable 30′ Straight Black Coil Cable also comes with a limited lifetime warranty! So you can buy with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected. Don't settle for less, get the high-quality coil cable that your music deserves. Buy a Bullet Cable 30′ Straight Black Coil Cable today and experience the best performance of your musical instrument.

  • Oversized relaxed coils do not kink or lose shape
  • Durable audiophile-grade materials preserve and elevate sound
  • Lab-formulated jacket resists abrasion and damage from heavy stage use
  • Accurate signal delivery without treble loss
  • Exceptional strain relief design to improve cable life
  • Dual shielding for lowest possible noise and signal integrity
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty