In the past, slick marketing and inflated facts have diluted the purpose of cable.  Audio cables could be perceived as just a wire with jacks on the ends. At Bullet Cable, We have spent the last 17 years proclaiming through our engineering that there is truth in good audio cable design.
We musicians spend countless hours making specific choices about our gear.  In my experience, the key features that artist’s require are sound performance, durability, reliability, and a relationship to design. As players, we listen to sound and individually decide which specific ranges of tone match our likes and dislikes.
Every piece of gear has value in creating our personal music experience. As artists, our musical mojo needs to come through that speaker the way we want to hear it. Relationships with musicians like yourself, many conversations about gear, and live performances have all contributed greatly to everything we make. Our Bullet Cable products are a result of the best materials available and superior creative engineering.
Our vision for Bullet Cable is simple,  “To Enhance The Music Making Experience.”